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Water Trampoline

All Ages • Hourly, Daily & Weekly Rentals

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One Hour Rental First Tank of Fuel & Fees Included!
Two Hour Rental
Three Hour Rental
Four Hour Rental
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Family Fun with the Water Trampoline Rental

The Aqua Jump 20 is guaranteed to provide summertime fun for kids of all ages!

Rent a water trampoline from our beachfront location in Traverse City, MI. This water trampoline measures 20 feet across, with a 14-foot jump platform. All users are protected from the 96 high strength spring assembly by a thick, 19 inch wide pad, attached to the water trampoline. Climbing aboard the 36 inch high water trampoline is easy with the five-step stainless steel ladder.

Enhance your vacation with a fun water trampoline rental your kids will be talking about all year!


  • Jump platform capacity is 3 adults or 6 children (700 lbs max)
  • Lounging capacity is 6 adults or 12 children (1,050 lbs max)