Rent a water trampoline today! The Aqua Jump 20 is guaranteed to provide summertime fun for kids of all ages! Rent a water trampoline from our beachfront location, or have it delivered to your lake. This water trampoline measures 20 feet across, with a 14 foot jump platform. All users are protected from the 96 high strength spring assembly by a thick, 19 inch wide pad, attached to the water trampoline. Jump platform capacity is 3 adults or 6 children (700 lbs. max.). Lounging capacity is 6 adults or 12 children (1,050 lbs. max.). Climbing aboard the 36 inch high water trampoline is easy with the five step stainless steel ladder.

22 Foot Rave Water Trampoline with ladder

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Walk in Hourly Rates include Tax
Walk in Rates  Delivery Rates *
1/2 Hour $40.00 N/A
1 Hour $60.00 N/A
2 Hours $100.00 N/A
4 Hours $150.00 N/A
Daily (8 Hours) $225.00 N/A
24 Hours $275.00 N/A
3 Day and Weekly Rates Do Not Include Tax
3 Days $600.00 N/A
Weekly $950.00 $950.00

* on deliveries – tax, gas and delivery fees will apply